AUT Summer Camp 2022

Aerial Robotics: An Introductory Lecture


Amirali Setayeshi, FIRA Air Chair


This workshop will provide an overview of aerial robotics to acquaint students with this active research field and apply the theoretical tools to practical problems in this area. The first part of the talk demonstrates the current trends in aerial robotics with an introduction to the FIRA Air robotics competition. The second part focuses on aerial robots’ principles; next, some suitable platforms for research and simulation tools are introduced. In the end, ongoing and future directions will be discussed.


A tentative list of topics includes:

First Part

  • Current Trends in Aerial Robotics
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • Robotics Competition
    • Philosophy
    • FIRA Air

Second Part (How to get started?)

  • Aerial Vehicle Configurations
  • Block Diagram of Aerial Robots
    • Guidance
    • Navigation (with an introduction to image processing with OpenCV)
    • Autopilot System
  • Introducing suitable platforms for research
  • Simulation Tools and Examples
  • Future Direction
  • Q&A


Python Notebooks