AVIS Engine

A Fast and robust simulator software for Autonomous vehicle development.

Fast, Professional and Easy to use

AVIS(Autonomous Vehicles Intelligent simulation software) Engine is All developers need for Autonomous vehicle development. We Implemented Realistic Physics, Lighting, Controls to make developers get the best output for their research.

And Also we tried our best to develop a platform full of features and also easy to use. Everything can be found in the documentation.


The Simulator is where you have your car running and can transfer data with.


Connect your program to AVIS Engine and Drive the car instantly.


High Frame Rate

In AVIS Engine a program can transfer data (Image, Sensors, Speed, etc.) with up to 40 FPS frame rate.

Low Latency

Take control of the vehicle with no latency and stay on the track.

Real World Challenges

Developing a Real world-ready autonomous car is important.

High Performance

Fast and robust simulation. Compatible with low-end spec PCs.


Realistic Environment and realistic physics without making system resources busy.


Compatible with Linux, MacOS, Windows. Run AVIS Engine without limitations.


AVIS Engine Team

Dr.Soroush Sadeghnejad

Dr.Soroush Sadeghnejad

Mohammad Hossein Tayebzadeh

Mohammad Hossein Tayebzadeh

Amirmohammad Zarif Shahsavan

Amirmohammad Zarif Shahsavan

Amirmahdi Zarif Shahsavan

Amirmahdi Zarif Shahsavan

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AVIS Engine Version : 2.0.1 Alpha
Ubuntu 12.04 or Later

Mac OS

AVIS Engine Version : 2.0.1 Alpha
Mac OS 10.13 or Later


AVIS Engine Version : 2.0.1 Alpha
Windows 7 or Later