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AVIS Engine and FIRA Malaysia Cup 2023

The 16th FIRA Malaysia Cup 2023 was held in
various leagues at politeknik seberang perai.
This competition started on May 8 and ended
on May 12 with the closing ceremony.
These competitions were held in four divisions
FIRA Challenge, FIRA Air, FIRA Sports and FIRA
Youth and in different leagues.
Many teams competed in the Autonomous
Cars simulation section.

organization of the FIRA Malaysia Cup
Championship which is held every year is very
important to test the wisdom and creativity of
the participants in the skills of operating the
robots that have been competed for. In
addition, the organization of this competition
is also one of the opportunities to unearth the
latent talent of the participants, especially in
the fields of programming, mechatronics and
electronics that are able to compete at the
international level.
In the league of autonomous cars , this
international competition was held in
collaboration with AVIS Engine Group on a
simulator platform.

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