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AVIS Engine and FIRA Malaysia Cup 2022

The 15th FIRA Malaysia Cup 2022 tournament
organized by FIRA Malaysia Chapter,
Polytechnic Education Department and
Community College in collaboration with
Ibrahim Sultan Polytechnic took place
successfully on 24 – 28 July 2022. This is the
second time that Ibrahim Sultan Polytechnic
has hosted this tournament since it was held
in 2007.
FIRA’s main objective was to develop interest
in robot science and technology to the
younger generation and the general public
through robot soccer competitions.
Competitions like this can provide a new
challenging arena for the young generation
especially for polytechnic and community
college students to do more active research
in developing multidisciplinary robots. Thus,
this research becomes a key pillar in helping
daily life ahead of Industrial Revolution 4.0.
organization of the FIRA Malaysia Cup
Championship which is held every year is very
important to test the wisdom and creativity of
the participants in the skills of operating the
robots that have been competed for. In
addition, the organization of this competition
is also one of the opportunities to unearth the
latent talent of the participants, especially in
the fields of programming, mechatronics and
electronics that are able to compete at the
international level.
The Closing Ceremony of the 15th FIRA
MALAYSIA CUP 2022 was officiated by YBrs.
Ts. Zainab binti Ahmad, Director General of
the Polytechnic and Community College
Education Department (JPPKK). Also present
YBrs. Mr. Mohd Noor bin Shahudin, Senior
Academic Director of JPPKK and YBrs. Ts. Haji
Hamdan bin Samdin Deputy Academic
Director of Ibrahim Sultan Polytechnic.
In the league of autonomous cars , this
international competition was held in
collaboration with AVIS Engine Group on a
simulator platform.

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