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AVIS Engine and Iran FIRARoboWorldCup 2021

Iranian FIRA Regional Committee represents the
activities of FIRA in the country. Global robotic
competitions are held every year in one of FIRA’s
member countries, and each country in this
federation holds domestic competitions in their
own country every year as well.
In Iran,FIRA Cup Competition are held every year
to showcase the ideas and knowledge of elite
teenagers and young people in artificial
intelligence and robotics. At this year’s
competitions, held in the DigiNext shed at Azadi
Innovation Factory, the best teams were
announced at the end.
FIRA Cup matches this year were held with fewer
groups than previous years due to the Corona
virus, and the number of teams reduced from 75
to 17 in response.
In addition to this international competition, AVIS
Engine also held a league of autonomous cars as
part of this competition.

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